Global Collaboration, Maximized Impact: Introducing the Visionaries of 1826 Partners.

At the heart of our dynamic ecosystem is a globally dispersed team, strategically located across Europe and the Middle East, with pivotal partner hubs in Los Angeles and Spain. Each member of our team brings a wealth of expertise from various fields

As Entrepreneurs

We understand that every challenge is veiled in opportunity, driving us to transform obstacles into gateways for success.

  • Finance & Entrepreneurship: Our financial experts and seasoned entrepreneurs provide the backbone for sound business strategies and innovative financial frameworks.
  • Luxury & Marketing: Specialists in the luxury sector and marketing maestros craft compelling narratives and build prestigious brands that resonate on a global scale.
  • Business Development & Access to Capital and Co-Investment Opportunities: Our business development professionals specialize in creating avenues for capital access and forging co-investment opportunities, facilitating the necessary funding to scale businesses ambitiously and sustainably.
  • Legal & Business Structuring: Our legal experts and business structurers ensure that your venture is fortified with robust legal frameworks and optimized organizational structures, critical for navigating the complexities of global business landscapes.